(Begins on March, 4th 2024, at Colegio Europeo Panama)

Flyer Nuevo Bachillerato Tecnología informatico


Colegio Europeo Panama, in addition to the existing Bachelor of Science that we have been successfully offering for more than 10 years, will open a new BACHELOR IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY in the next school year starting March 2024, developed in cooperation with Swiss Vocational Schools, with the organization ICT Vocational Training in Bern-Switzerland and approved by the Ministry of Education of Panama (MEDUCA 24.11.2023).

Within this program we teach the relationship between technology and business at the IT level, the basis of cybersecurity, we orient our students of new and future careers in the range of information technology in Europe. Next year 2024, together with the Pedagogical Universities in Switzerland we will train a group of our teachers of  Colegio Europeo Panama in Switzerland and in Panama, in Artificial Intelligence, which is currently implemented in elementary and high schools in Europe.

This new program of Bachelor in Information Technology at the technical level is aimed to students who successfully completed their 9th grade and is developed in a theorical part and a part of practice in the industry, as we know in Europe under the name Dual System.

The program lasts 3 years from 10th grade to 12th grade at Colegio Europeo Panama and ends with the BACHELOR'S DIPLOMA IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. With this theorical and practical training completed, students have the opportunity to work as a Specialist at the technical level in Panama or in Europe or they can continue their studies at a national or international University. The requirement to work or study abroad, such as in Europe, is the linguistic training at B1 level (German language), which we also offer at Colegio Europeo Panama from 1st grade to 12th grade.

Ing. Hans Ineichen

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