Our History

The Colegio Europeo Panama

Opened its doors in 1998, with kindergarten and preschool. Today the school offers parents and guardians a complete education from kindergarten through 12th grade, Bachelor of Science approved by the Ministry of Education. We have highly qualified administrative staff and teachers who, with their experience and wisdom, have the purpose and responsibility of educating children and young people and that they themselves convert our students with values and a solid academic foundation in beings with great human quality. At the end of their secondary studies in our school, students have the great opportunity to continue their intellectual capacity in local, European or other parts of the world universities.

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Colegio Europeo Panama, Etnia Negra


Colegio Europeo Panama is an institution that offers integral education to its students, to develop in the student their moral capacity, their manual skills, their talents in different genres, creativity of any kind, as well as their intellectual aptitude, to implement modern teaching methods that currently apply in schools in Europe, to help them improve their living conditions, to live in a healthy, supportive and capable of transforming their environment.


To be recognized as an educational school with a solid academic education and that the values that have been instilled in our students so that will turn them into responsible human beings, with a big heart, which will allow them to be happy for the rest of their lives.

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Historical Background

Colegio Europeo Panama opens its doors in 1998 with kindergarten and pre-school. The elementary section starts a year later, with 93 students, being Professor Petty de Diaz the Academic Director, followed by Professor Gerardo Guerra. Professor Otilia de Valiente was also the Director of the school and during the same period, Professor Rosa de Jiménez was the Deputy Director and. Migdalia Suira continued as Academic Director. Currently, the Academic Direction is directed by Professor Gabriela Escobar. Gladys de Valle, who no longer works with us, has been in charge of the Administrative Direction practically since the beginning of Colegio Europeo Panama, and Bellanira Cruz de Castillo, who no longer works with us, was assisting in the Administration for many years.

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Colegio Europeo Panama, Intercambio Cultural 2023

[ Panama-Switzerland Cultural Exchange 2023 ]

The school maintains close cooperation with the Pedagogical University of Lucerne, Switzerland. We work with the modern Swiss technique "I learn to learn". Currently, we have an exchange program of students and teachers and vice versa with the High School in Uznach - Switzerland. In addition, we are working together to improve the educational system so that our school can participate in some projects of that organization. With the Swiss Government (IBBZ Berufsbildungs-Zusammenarbeit) we are studying the possibility of implementing the dual system, with teachers and administrative staff who combine the impetus of youth and the wisdom of experience in order to form children and young people with a solid academic background and values that make them beings with great human qualities. Colegio Europeo Panama opened the Bachelor of Science program in the 2010 academic year.

On January 25, 2012, a contract for the purchase of the land and the building was signed in Switzerland between the Silvia and Peter Thommen family, Sebastian Müller, Erwin Müller and Urban Müller of Sebastian Müller AG and Bohler Holding AG and Colegio Europeo Panamá, represented by Eng.Hans Ineichen. This contract guarantees the long-term future of the Colegio Europeo Panamá. For this reason the Colegio Europeo Panama Foundation was formed in Switzerland under the strict regulations and supervision of the Swiss Government in Bern, Switzerland. Today we can offer parents and guardians a complete school, from kindergarten to 12th grade with a Bachelor of Science degree, a large number of students can continue their intellectual capacity in European Universities after completing their studies in our school.

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Carta aprobacion DSD a Colegio Europeo Panama