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Colegio Europeo Panamá

Fundado en el año 1998, por el Ing. Hans Ineichen.
El Colegio fue construido sobre el éxito y cimiento del "Instituto Internacional", desde entonces ha crecido constantemente hasta ofrecer toda la escolaridad completa (Pk – 12°).
La enseñanza posee complementos del área europea de habla alemana, tales como "Técnicas de Aprendizaje" y "Educación mediática".
El Colegio Europeo Panamá, es un colegio familiar que aboga por una enseñanza global centrada no solo en la excelencia académica, sino también en las aptitudes sociales y personales.
El Colegio ofrece los idiomas en español e inglés; adicional el idioma alemán, el cual, es impartida por un docente europeo.

Europeo Panama High School

Founded in 1998 by Engr. Hans Ineichen.
The school was built on the success and foundation of the "International Institute", since then it has grown steadily to offer the complete schooling (Pk - 12th grade).
The teaching has complements from the German-speaking European area, such as "Learning Techniques" and "Media Education".
Colegio Europeo Panama is a family school that advocates a global education focused not only on academic excellence, but also on social and personal skills.
The school offers languages in Spanish and English; in addition to German, which is taught by a European teacher.

Europeo Panama Schule

Gegründet im Jahr 1998 von Ing. Hans Ineichen.
Die Schule baute auf dem Erfolg und Fundament der "International High School" auf und ist seither stetig gewachsen, um die gesamte Schullaufbahn (Pk - 12. Klasse) anzubieten.
Ergänzt wird der Unterricht durch deutschsprachige europäische Fächer wie "Lerntechniken" und "Medienerziehung".
Das Colegio Europeo Panamá ist eine familiäre Schule, die sich für eine ganzheitliche Bildung einsetzt, die nicht nur auf akademische Spitzenleistungen, sondern auch auf soziale und persönliche Kompetenzen setzt.
Die Schule bietet neben Spanisch und Englisch auch Deutsch an, das von einem europäischen Lehrer unterrichtet wird.

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Come Back to School 2024
Prom 2023 Colegio Europeo Panama

Relive the excitement of the first day of classes at El Colegio Europeo Panama on March 4, 2024. Early on, students were greeted with a warm welcome from the school staff, ready to guide them on this exciting journey. In the classrooms, the energy of the students was palpable as they met their teachers and classmates.
Every moment was an opportunity to build new friendships and strengthen the sense of community in the school. On the playground, groups of friends formed, sharing laughs and adventures, creating lasting memories. This day marked the beginning of an exciting educational journey, where each student is encouraged to reach their full potential.

"All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them."
Walt Disney

At El Colegio Europeo Panama, we are committed to helping our students achieve their dreams and become tomorrow's leaders. Join us on this exciting adventure!

Ministry of Education Training
Capacitación MEDUCA en Colegio Europeo Panamá

The Ministry of Education, (MEDUCA), through the National Directorate of Special Education, conducted a training to improve pedagogical skills and strengthen the relationship with the community. Topics such as teaching strategies, educational technology, classroom management and inclusion were addressed.

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."
Nelson Mandela

This training reflects the College's commitment to that positive change, focusing on empowering staff to meaningfully impact the lives of students and society at large.
his training reflects the College's commitment to positive change, focusing on empowering staff to make a meaningful impact on the lives of students and society at large.

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